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Selected Publications

Schüler, Nico. “Music of Hanning Schröder (1896–1987): Between Autonomy and Function and Between Twelve-Tone Technique and New Objectivity,” Music and Its Referential Systems, edited by Matjaz Barbo and Thomas Hochradner. Vienna, Austria: Hollitzer, 2012. pp. 161-175.

Schüler, Nico. “Selected Aspects of Musical Listening Habits of A College Population in Texas,” Musical Listening Habits of College Students in Finland, Slovenia, South Africa, and Texas: Similarities and Differences, by Leon Stefanija, Nico Schüler, Tuomas Eerola, Reiko Graham, Vanessa Nering, and Mirjana Veselinovic-Hofman. Frankfurt / New York: Peter Lang, 2010. pp. 73-95.

Schüler. Nico. “From Musical Grammars to Music Cognition in the 1980s and 1990s: Highlights of the History of Computer-Assisted Music Analysis,” Rationalism of a Magic Tinge: Music as a Form of Abstract Perception [Bergamo Festschrift], ed. by Leon Stefanija and Katarina Bogunovic Hocevar. [Musicological Annual XLIII/2] Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007. pp. 371-396.

Schüler, Nico. “Towards a History and Evaluation of Statistical and Information-Theoretical Analysis of Melodic Incipits,” Theoria: Historical Aspects of Music Theory 13 (2006): 113-126.

Schüler, Nico. “Creative Music Processes as the ‘Object’ of Otto Laske’s Cognitive Musicology,” Principles of Music Composing: Creative Processes, ed. by Rimantas Janeliauskas. Vilnius, Lithuania: Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija, 2006. pp. 148-154.